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Your new best friend

by David Birrow  Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

This one goes out to all those faculty with new iPads (and anybody else with an iPad for that matter).

Here are some things you might do right away:

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Friday Round Up

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by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

I've had an above average interest in games of all sorts since being a kid. But I didn't become interested in them professionally until about two years ago when a friend recommended the book What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy by A…

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by David Birrow Birrow.David@MacPhail.org

If you are like me, you rued the day a few weeks ago when you updated your iPad to iOS 7.0. The graphic design made everything look like it was stolen from a Monopoly board, the battery life was diminished, apps were reconfigured and for what? Helvetica ne…

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Minnesota Orff Chapter Report

by Sarah Hruska-Olson Olson.Sarah@MacPhail.org

Orff w/ parachute 6Our local Twin Cities Orff Schulwerk chapter is an inspiring, economical, and practical source of professional development for K-8 general music teachers.  Participants include music education students, beginning teachers, experienced teachers, and mus…

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