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Blog posts April 2013

iPad as All Around Music Learning Tool

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

Walk around MacPhail on any lesson day and it's hard to miss: iPads are everywhere. The halls are lined with kids and adults alike, all engrossed in their own private little worlds: playing games, reading, surfing the web, studying.

Spend any time follow…

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Things Technology has Fixed in my Teaching Part 3

by Jeremy Hanson Hanson.Jeremy@MacPhail.org

The third in a series showing HOW exactly technology has improved the quality of teaching or music therapy, i.e. Problems and solutions. No how-to's, just what impact is seen with students and clients

I use many kinds of technology in my teaching every d…

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Power of the Pentatonic

by Sharon Mazion - Breck School

Note from David Birrow: Sharon sent me this excellent reply to last week's posts about the pentatonic
            scale's use in general music settings. I thought it was convincing and warranted it's own post.

I tend to approach my teaching more from an Orf…

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Practice Technique: Never Again!

by Jeremy Hanson Hanson.Jeremy@MacPhail.org

As teachers, we’ve probably all heard a student exclaim, “I always make that mistake!” or “I always screw that up.”

I don’t know if you have this reaction, but for me, this is as bad as fingernails on a chalkboard.  We know that what students …

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