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Phala's iPad

by Phala Tracy Tracy.Phala@MacPhail.org

I have been using my iPad to make little videos for my harp students to use in their home practice, following up from the lesson. This has been really successful and I was amazed at how easy it was! I don't have an iPhone, so this technology was all new to me, but with only minimal help from my teenage students, I was able to make quick, easy video clips and send them off. 

For younger students, these videos were often "Put your hand just like this - here's the perfect position for your thumb!" videos or "Here's exactly how I want you to do this LH accompaniment exercise."  For older students, it has been more about phrasing. Once they capture it exactly right, I make a video and send it home so they can hear themselves do it and remember how to practice it. It was worked really well. I have used it to help with tricky rhythmic passages too. In that case, I play it with the metronome and reinforce the counting so they can refer to it as they practice and don't head too far down the wrong path before the next lesson.

Here is an example I pulled from the first week I had my iPad. In this lesson, Grace had been working to hear the shift in rhythmic emphasis and once she really got it, I made a video for her to refer to at home. She came back with it solid the next week!  (The beginning shows the "minimal help from my teenage students" in action.)

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