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Evernote Help

by David Birrow  birrow.david@macphail.org

Lab Techs

Besides asking one of the lab techs (especially Josh, Jeremy, Hanno, or myself) for help on Evernote, there are a bunch of excellent resources on the web.

Getting started

If you just started using Evernote, there is no better place to turn for help than Evernote's own website where they have a great 'getting started' page that quickly answers common questions like how to create an account, or start your first note:

Tips and Tricks blog

Although slightly outdated, this blog has quick, to the point posts about how to do certain things in Evernote.

Evernote Blog

Note surprisingly, Evernote has its own blog where they share stories from different users like how to improve your cooking with Evernote, or how to do a genealogy study with Evernote.  They also post fast how-to ideas on  "Quick Tip Friday." Here are some useful ones:

  • Sharing a notebook on Mac and PC: Here
  • Creating links inside of notes: Here
  • How to share a single note: Here
  • Creating checklists: Here


Lastly there are a set of tutorial videos on Evernote's site if you like to see how to do these things in action.

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