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Progressions App: Transpose Chord Charts at the Push of a Button

by Kim Bahmer  Bahmer.Kim@MacPhail.org

The Progressions app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad allows you to submit chord charts and transpose them in seconds. I have no trouble finding songs for my elementary music classes, but they’re generally not in the key I would like. The Progressions app will save you invaluable time in lesson planning and performing by transposing music at the push of a button!


You can enter chord charts with lyrics or notes easily and quickly, import text files, create “sets’ of charts, print charts wirelessly, send PDF copies via email, adjust display settings and font and backup your charts on a database.

Getting started:

  1. Download the Progressions app for $3.99
  2. Select “Create a Chart”
  3. Be sure to enter the Title of the song and Key
  4. Copy and paste chord charts or create your own
  5. The icons at the top of the page allow you to export a PDF version to Itunes, import charts, change the font size and device display, mark the song in your favorites, edit the page, and transpose the tune to any key you would like. (This is my favorite button!) A couple of other great features include importing the file and connecting to a Dropbox account (online file storage).
  6. Lastly, you can create sets of charts that can be displayed in book format. You can create your set list and transpose any and all songs at the touch of a button.

I highly recommend this app for classroom music educators and musicians who need to transpose music on the fly!

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