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Slow Practicing

by Gail Olszewski  Olszewski.Gail@MacPhail.org

I've always preached the gospel of slow, thoughtful practice to my students, so it's really great when what you've been trying to do for these many years is backed up so eloquently by someone as knowledgeable as Wittner metronomeDr. Noa Kageyama, performance psychologist and Julliard grad.  There's lots of great information in his article (and links) about the benefits of slow practice and related subjects.  He reinforces ideas I've found totally useful in teaching, for example: comparing playing an instrument with other physical activities such as sports and the many similarities in learning how to master these skills.  These articles have really made me think about how I can fine-tune my own teaching to help my keyboard students learn the technical aspects of a piece more efficiently and quickly in order to express themselves with informed musicality, confidence and ability. 

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