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Turn your iPad into an Excellent Audio Recorder & Editor!

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

Ever since I got my MacPhail iPad I've been searching for a way to replicate on the iPad what I had previously been doing with the Audacity software installed on my studio desktop and my Blue Snowball microphone. I wanted high-quality audio, an app that allowed easy audio recording and editing, allowed me to select from a variety of audio file types and sizes, and made exporting and sharing the recorded files quick and easy.

I've finally found exactly what I've been looking for: the TwistedWave Audio Editor app ($9.99). My iPad, loaded with this app and coupled with the Tascam IM2 microphone ($29.99) has become my go-to audio recording set-up—a highly portable and easy to use combination that makes my computer + Snowball + Audacity set-up seem pretty clunky. (I should note here that unlike Audacity, TwistedWave cannot do multi track recording.)

If you've used Audacity, the TwistedWave interface will look very familiar...

Editing the audio is simple: slide the yellow tab to the left or right to select the segment to be deleted, then tap the little "x" (see below). Editing can be done very precisely by zooming in using the standard pinch-to-zoom method familiar to all iDevice users.

TwistedWave offers a very handy range of audio file types and sample rates, making it easy to get the ideal balance of compatibility, file size and audio quality...

A range of standard editing and mastering tools are provided...

And there's an excellent range of options for sharing the files you create...


In the app world $9.99 may seem exorbitant, but if you're looking to turn your iPad or iPhone into a straight-forward, powerful, and portable audio recorder and editor, I highly recommend the TwistedWave Audio Editor. Again, to get a high-quality stereo recording, you will also need a mic like the Tascam IM2.



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