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Using Vimeo for Quick Progress Videos

By Josh Osborne MT-BC Osborne.Josh@MacPhail.org

In this blog post, I'll be detailing the topic from our break out sessions this week. The topic was creating quick, professional videos using Vimeo. This post will be exclusive to using the app on an iPad. Vimeo is a video-viewing website (very similar to YouTube) and their app is FREE. That word is music to my ears in the app store world. With their app, you can edit and upload videos all inside one application. I find the more things I can do seamlessly within one app, the more useful it is. Below I will walk you through basic editing techniques using the Vimeo app.



  • This is the Vimeo app homepage on the iPad. Shoot your video by touching the camera icon.

  • Edit your video project or access existing projects by touching the clapperboard.






  • You are now in the projects section of the app. Click on the plus icon in the upper corner to start a new project.










  • Here is the editing section of the app. Click on the plus icons to add the various components of the video (i.e. video, transitions, or text)

  • Transitions are book ended at the beginning and the end. Transitions are used for "fade in" or "pan in" effects to your videos.
















  • When you are finished editing, click the X icon in the upper right. You will be brought back to the project screen. To upload the video to your Vimeo account, click the arrow button.

  • You will be prompted to title your video, select privacy settings, and select image quality.

  • Once the video has been uploaded, scroll to the bottom of the video, select the two diagonal arrows icon, and this will bring up various ways to share your videos with students.

  • I usually email my families the video link or put the link in their Evernote notebook. How you share the video is strictly up to your's and your student's personal preference.


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