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Why I use my iPad: Communication, Motivation, Tangible Feedback & Music Access

by Tiana Malone

In music therapy, communication with families, clients, other therapies and team members, and caregivers is very important. My iPad is an important tool for facilitating that communication.

Evernote is a cloud-based note taking program …

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Setting and Communicating Boundaries with Parents

By Dr. Carlynn Savot

The working relationship between a music teacher and students and their parents is a unique one, and its scope can be difficult to define. To provide students with an inspiring and challenging learning environment—and at the same time keep our sani…

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Idea Exchange: Effective Studio Management Tools & Strategies

by Hanno Strydom

In this nine-minute video I share several of the key tools and strategies I use to keep my MacPhail cello studio running smoothly.

It is based on my recent MacPhail Music Learning Lab Idea Exchange session, Effective Studio Management Tools & Strategies

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Building a Studio Website & Managing Your Schedule Online

This presentation was delivered by MacPhail faculty member, Beatrice Blanc, on July 9, 2014.

Video of the presentation is posted below. Click here for a PDF of the accompanying PowerPoint.

In the first part of her presentation Beatrice talked about building a website for her Suzuki violin studio;…

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Why build a studio website?

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

I've changed the students' names, but these are real examples of feedback I've received during the student placement process this semester. Student recruitment is one of several potential benefits of maintaining an online presence for your studio—a websit…

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Things Technology has Fixed in my Teaching

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

The first in a series showing HOW exactly technology has improved the quality of teaching or music therapy.i.e. Problems and solutions. No how-to's, just what impact is seen with students and clients

Over the last couple of years I’ve adopted quite a n…

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Evernote for Music Therapy

by Josh Osborne Osborne.Josh@MacPhail.org

Below are some ideas about how to get started with Evernote. Email me with any questions or post some comments below.


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Idea Exchange #1: Evernote

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org
The MacPhail Music Learning Lab's first Idea Exchange took place yesterday. The Idea Exchange is a live forum for MacPhail faculty members to share and discuss ideas and tools we’re using to enhance our work. Click here for more about the Idea E…

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The Case for Evernote

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

Searching for the Holy Grail of Lesson Notes
Studio teachers are always looking for the best way to manage their students’ lesson notes. How do you include enough information to clearly communicate the assignments for the week without spending too muc…

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Music Therapy at MacPhail

by Marian Santucci Santucci.Marian@MacPhail.org

MacPhail’s music therapists serve clients and families with a broad spectrum of diagnoses. From pervasive developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder to traumatic brain injury to pain management, our music therapists have to be re…

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