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Vocal Exploration to Match Pitch

November 26, 2013

by Shannon McGuire McGuire.Shannon@MacPhail.org

Children signing carolsSinging is extremely personal. It is important for the educator to have an open mind to provide encouragement in a gentle and kind manner, which will encourage the human voice to match pitch. It is definitely OK to be honest when the student does not …

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Developing the Child Voice - Our Joyful Responsibility Part 2

November 19, 2013

by Sarah Hruska-Olson Olson.Sarah@MacPhail.org

8c10174rPart Two: Pitch Matching with Children

In the book, “Music in Childhood: From Preschool through the Early Grades,” Patricia Sheehan Campbell outlines the progress children make from vocal babbling as infants to more structured vocalization and chan…

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Developing the Child Voice - Our Joyful Responsibility: Part 1

November 18, 2013

by Sarah Hruska-Olson Olson.Sarah@MacPhail.org

School children singing, Pie Town, New Mexico  (LOC)

“I’m sorry, Johnny.  Our voices do not sound the same,” announced my music education professor to a hypothetical child singing out of tune.  The professor’s tone of voice was mournful, as if perhaps Johnny’s dog had died.  The professor went on to g…

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