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CelloBello Online Cello Resource Center

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

I'm sure many cellists have already discovered CelloBello.com, the online cello resource center created by Paul Katz, Professor of Cello at New England Conservatory. This is a fantastic resource for cellists and cello teachers. I especially like the very high quality videos on the cello lessons section of the site, featuring Paul Katz and other leading teachers. I regularly integrate these videos into my teaching, and find it a great way to reinforce the concepts we're working on, both in the lesson and as a means of review and clarification when the student is at home practicing. CelloBello also features a blog, a cello legacy section that includes interviews and performances by top artist-teachers, live streamed cello masterclasses from NEC, and much more. Check it out and share this resource with your students...

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