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Mindfulness: A Path Toward Teacher Wellbeing

On March 6, 2015, Jennifer Niedzielski presented a workshop at MacPhail Center for Music entitled Mindfulness: A Path Toward Teacher Wellbeing. (See video at the bottom of this post.)

Click here to view the PowerPoint that accompanied this presentation.

Participants in this highly experiential and rejuvenating workshop learned:

►Skills to access inner resources of awareness, emotional resiliency, and insight

►Strategies for recognizing and counteracting early stages and conditions of teacher burnout (and rustout!)

►How to reduce the intensity and duration of negative reactions to stress and how to become “stress hardy”

►Data-driven mindfulness-based interventions for cultivating focus, engagement, optimism, and self-compassion

►Self-care tips for maintaining work/life balance and reconnecting with yourself and your passion to teach

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