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YouTube Videos for Cellists

by Hanno Strydom Strydom.Hanno@MacPhail.org

In a previous post I wrote about the Online Cello Resource Center (CelloBello.com) established by NEC cello professor, Paul Katz, featuring excellent resources for cellists including high quality tutorial videos. Today I want to share a couple of other excellent online video resources for cellists. Not only are these great tools for enriching your students' learning, but they also serve as models for how one might go about creating one's own online videos.

David Finckel "Cello Talks"
In his Cello Talk #1 (see video posted to the right), David Finckel, cellist of the Emerson Quartet, explains the motivation behind his YouTube Cello Talks series. "Any cellist who has performed as much as I have, and who has come into contact with as many wonderful musicians as I have, has a lot of information to share. I've decided to do that right here via a series of online cello tutorials..."

Since that first video was posted in November 2009, Finckel's Cello Talks have become a huge hit in the cello community, receiving hundreds of thousands of views. Completed in May 2011, the Cello Talks series stands at 100 videos covering a vast range of cello-related topics; a gold-mine of information that would cost a pretty penny to acquire through traditional lessons, available for free to anyone with an internet connection.


Abigail McHugh Cello Tutorials
Fellow cellist and Eastman grad, Abigail McHugh, has risen to prominence in the cello community with her enormous collection of YouTube cello tutorials covering much of the Suzuki cello repertoire, and many technical aspects of playing the cello. Abby funds the creation of her videos via the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter and to-date her YouTube channel has received over 412,000 video views!

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